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Persimmon has lots of fruit sugar in its main ingredient, which has more glucose and fruit sugar, but it is bitter before ripen enough. However when its mature, it provides real full of sweetness.

Fuyu persimmon is the main variety for export.
Morning Farm is the number one exporter of Korean Fuyu persimmon in Korea and export 1,300 Tons annually.

Product Feature

The Efficacy of Fuyu Persimmons.

  • Good for anemia, poor appetite, nutrition disorder of blood vessel, or underdeveloped children
  • Useful to women for skin care and diet by high vitamin C content
  • Preventive against cultural diseases by high content of protein, fat, carbohydrate, iron and potassium(kalium).
  • Good for hangover and colds.

Product Specification / Models

  • Packing : net weight 10kgs/carton
  • Size : 33pcs ~ 70pcs/10kgs(LL, L, M, S, SS)
  • Supply Season : end of October ~ Mid of January
  • Loading : 800cartons/20ft container, 1,960cartons/40ft contaienr